The day after Covid-19: business on going !

The day after Covid-19 : business on going !

The day after Covid19 : business on going !

Dear customers, partners and friends,

Like all of you, we’ve been closely monitoring the evolving Covid19 as we hunker down and “socially distance” in hopes of flattening the curve. The day after Covid-19 however will, in many ways, operates business more or less as usual. The day after Covid19 business on going !

We are not the norm here, though. Many of you may be dealing with a sudden transition to working in a completely different manner—on top of acutely feeling the emotional and practical effects of this crisis within our community. While so many things are out of our control at the moment, the one thing we can do here at Alteem is offer resources to aid this transition and keep the working productively throughout this unprecedented event. We’ve tailored our digest this week to be a resource to foster creativity, focus, and collaboration during this uncertain time, and will continue to focus on helping our customers work creatively and seamlessly throughout the pandemic. The economic French journal Le Monde is proposing a new deal (press release).

Alteem still always close to companies development and customers’s benefits. That’s a key issue for me. And especially at this time creating new business advantages and strongest added values to restart business in the best conditions. The day after Covid-19 need to be thinked now and business actions as marketing development planned now to be effective and efficient as much as possible on their field.

The day after Covid19, business on going. Take care of you family, take car of your employees, take care of our clients. We still focus on Alteem agency on taking care of your company.

Serge Camguilhem
CEO at Alteem Strategy Consultancy

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